ERISA Litigation

​Representative Experience

A few examples of our ERISA litigation experience include

  • Representing employers and third-party administrators in claims relating to their denial of short- and long-term disability benefits.
  • Defending class claims involving pension benefits.
  • Defense against class action claims asserting violation of ERISA’s anti-forfeiture rules in connection with severance and retirement benefits.
  • Representing employers in cases validating their rights to set off worker’s compensation payments against pension payments.
  • Defending rights of plan sponsors to discontinue disability benefits in pension plans.
  • Defending plan administrators’ decisions regarding the benefits implications of plant closings.
  • Representing employers in challenges to multi-employer plan withdrawal liability assessments.
  • Representing employers challenging multi-employer plan audit findings that additional contributions are required, including claims about post-contract expiration obligations, alter ego claims, and disputes over proper employee classification.
  • Defending against claims alleging prohibited transactions.
  • Representing fiduciaries in retiree health benefit class actions.
  • Defending an actuarial firm against actuarial malpractice claims.