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Employee Benefits 2019-20: Finish Strong/Start Ready

Webinar Only

Program Overview:

Congrats on surviving this year of multiple changes in the Employee Benefits industry. With more legal changes anticipated in 2020, we wanted to help you not only review your compliance readiness for the recently implemented laws, but help you and your team build a solid 2020 Watchlist for the new year.

Both focusing on 2019 year-end and looking ahead to 2020, this webinar covered:

  • Multiple-employer plans -- What new guidance means for your business

  • New correction options under the IRS Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System, plus the most common 2019 plan errors we saw and how to fix them

  • Hardship distributions and participant loans -- Imminent deadlines for amendments and updated tips

  • New health reimbursement options -- How useful are they?

  • How to treat coupons used by plan participants to help pay for prescription drugs

  • New Medicare Secondary Payer reporting rules apply January 2020 -- What should you do?

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