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Qualified Personal Residence Trust/Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts

Phoenix Office

Presentation Overview

  • Arizona Homestead Exemption protects $150,000 of equity - Learn how to protect your entire equity in your primary residence.
  • Learn how to transfer assets to your children and avoid estate and gift tax on the transfer.
  • What is a "WalMart GRAT" and how can it apply to your estate.
  • Asset protection techniques used by the "rich and famous", but applied to your situation.
  • Learn how to transfer wealth to your children and grandchildren, yet retain an annuity stream from those assets for a period of time.
  • What is the future of the estate tax under a Trump presidency or under a Clinton presidency.
  • Gifting Rules and Reporting requirements.
  • Is Gifting to the children now a good idea or bad idea? Learn the pros and cons.
  • Applying the gifting rules to save on estate taxes, yet retain the income from the gifted assets.

Who Should Attend?

Estate planning clients and professionals or anyone who owns a personal residence that exceeds $500,000 in value, or has a total net worth that exceeds $5 million for a single person or $10 million for married couples.


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