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Stretch IRA & Trusts – Trusts as IRA Beneficiary: Good Idea? YES!

Johnson Bank - Camelback Branch

3131 East Camelback Road, Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Presentation Overview

Clients work hard in structuring their IRA to defer income taxes to the maximum time allowed by law, but statistics show that the average beneficiary of an IRA cashes it in within the first two years causing much higher income tax. This seminar will help you understand:

  1. How an IRA look-thru trust prevents the beneficiary from cashing in early
  2. The creditor protection advantage of an IRA Look Thru Trust
  3. The U.S. Supreme Court decision that removed creditor protection from inherited IRAs

Who Should Attend?

Estate planning clients and professionals or couples who have an IRA in excess of $500,000 and want to learn the advantages of naming an IRA look-thru trust as the beneficiary instead of their spouse or their children.


Please contact Nicole DePue (602) 229-5275 or [email protected]

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