FAQ – Business Travel

Can I require an employee to travel to an important client meeting if the client is located in a domestic location where the outbreak hasn't been as severe?

Employers may still require employees to travel for important client meetings to low-risk, domestic locations. However, the following guidelines should be followed regarding business travel:

  • Avoid requiring non-essential travel;
  • Avoid countries identified by the CDC, and other high impact areas of the United States; and
  • Avoid other non-essential day-to-day travel in order to promote social distancing.

Employers cannot prohibit employee personal travel plans, however employers can:

  • Deny time off if the denial is based on the destination, business cost of a resulting quarantine, or other legitimate business-driven reasons (but not the national origin of the employee).
  • Advise employees that such travel may result in quarantine or self-monitoring (including work from home, if applicable), possibly for a prolonged period (at least 14 days).

Remain aware of obligations under leave laws to allow employees leave to care for others who are ill, including persons in affected areas.