Jessica L. Franken, Partner

Success Stories

Monetizing Patents

Represented a privately held technology company with several patents to negotiate a licensing agreement with a major supply company. The negotiations resulted in an agreement with a significant license fee and royalty stream that benefited the inventor and owner of the technology company.

Avoiding a Bad Purchase

Represented a company evaluating a technology company for purchase. In the course of the due diligence, she identified several issues with regards to the ownership of the company's intellectual property that would seriously decrease the value to the potential buyer. Because of her findings, the buyer opted not to purchase the company and avoided taking on the significant risks uncovered.

Minimizing Data & Technology Risks in Asset Purchase

Successfully developed the strategy for the assignment of various critical software packages and the handling of employee data for an international asset purchase transaction under which the company was buying assets and acquiring US and European employees. The plan for handling the data and transitioning the associated technology was accomplished with no disruption to the operation of the business.