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Stephanie  H. VavraStephanie H. Vavra
The Federal Circuit Opens a Window: Another Claiming Option for Molecular and Biological InventionsIntellectual Property AlertStephanie H. Vavra, Jessica L. Lewis, Ph.D.Overview The Federal Circuit has just provided a window in the seemingly impenetrable wall of patent ineligibility under 35 U.S.C. § 101 for diagnostic uses of molecular and biological inventions. Perhaps seeking to break the contradictory impasse of patent-ineligible diagnostic claims... Read More
Article "The Transmembrane Domain of Syntaxin 1A is Critical for Cytoplasmic Domain Protein-Protein Interactions" Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 276 no. 18, pp. 15458–15465 Jessica L. Lewis
Article "Predicting the Judicial Response to an Asserted Right to Reproductive Cloning" Journal of Legal Medicine, vol. 29 Jessica L. Lewis
Article "Reiterated Wnt signaling during zebrafish neural crest development" Development vol. 131 no. 6) pp. 1299–1308 Jessica L. Lewis
Article "Real-time Visualization of Mycobacterium-Macrophage Interactions Leading to Initiation of Granuloma Formation in Zebrafish Embryos" Immunity, vol. 17: pp. 693–702 Jessica L. Lewis

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