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. . . And Another Holiday Gift for Chicago’s Nonprofit Community!

Tax-Exempt Organizations Alert Norah Jones and Jodi Patt

In addition to the federal “gifts” received today by the wider nonprofit sector (as described here), a Chicago-specific gift has just arrived for the Chicago nonprofit community!

As you may know, the Chicago City Council recently amended the City’s Governmental Ethics Ordinance (the “Amended Ordinance”), effective January 1, 2020, to impose new registration and reporting requirements on individuals who interact with the City of Chicago on behalf of nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve (click here for a summary of the new law, including some observations and open issues).

Although no formal guidance has been issued at this time, it is our understanding that implementation of the Amended Ordinance has been delayed until April 20, 2020, in response to certain concerns raised from Chicago’s nonprofit community. Quarles & Brady has been working with the Board of Ethics to obtain additional guidance and clarification regarding implementation and application of the Amended Ordinance, and we anticipate that such guidance will be issued in the new year. We will continue to update the nonprofit community as we learn more about the Amended Ordinance. For more information about the Amended Ordinance and possible implications for your organization, please contact: