Jordan D. Maglich, Associate

Pro Bono and Community Service

Mr. Maglich devotes considerable time to pro bono efforts and community service. Jordan is active in the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program, including serving as a guardian ad litem for children in cases of abuse or neglect. Jordan received the Pro Bono Award from the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Federal Bar Association after being nominated by a U.S. District Court Judge for his pro bono work spanning several years on behalf of a federal inmate seeking treatment for a medical condition suffered during his incarceration.

Jordan was also involved in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Clemency Initiative in 2014 where he submitted clemency applications on behalf of two non-violent low-level drug offenders serving disproportionate prison terms. Both of Jordan’s submitted petitions were granted by President Obama despite an overall rejection rate of nearly 90%, with President Obama ordering the release of one prisoner who had served over 20 years of a life sentence and commuting the other prisoner’s life sentence to a shorter sentence. These efforts were profiled by various publications here ( and here (

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