Kevin M. Long

Bid Protests and Debarment Matters

The process of bidding for contracts was designed to be fair, but we have often found that the process is anything but. Kevin is one of numerous experienced attorneys at Quarles with a successful record of both challenging and defending government awards before a wide variety of state and federal courts and contracting agencies.

Bid protests can move at lightning speed — and that’s where experience comes in. We understand, from personal and exhaustive experience, that response time is critical, so we hit the ground running and move to protect our clients’ interests before any decisions are made that cannot be reversed. We are intimately familiar with the regulations governing both state and federal contracting, so there’s no ramp-up time required to intervene when the contract bidding process has taken a bad turn. Equally important, we have learned how to decide when not to fight. In other words, we provide our clients with an analysis of the situation that includes the likely costs of protesting or protecting a bid and the likelihood of success, be it financial, political, or otherwise, and we often suggest alternative strategies. Thus, our clients enter the process fully aware of the stakes and ready to make judgment calls that best serve their interests.

Debarment matters are life and death for government contracting businesses. Understanding the legal, political and strategic picture is critical to helping a client survive such a challenge. Kevin has successfully represented contractors facing such debarment and/or suspension proceedings by rigorously attacking baseless factual allegations made, being candid and open about mistakes made, and alleging the public’s interest with that of the government contractor.

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