Kristin Graham Noel, Partner

Community Service

These are the organizations that Kristin cares about:

The Noel Compass Foundation’s mission is to be an ambassador of diversity while motivating and encouraging others through exemplifying leadership and open-mindedness. In addition, experiencing the wholesome education required to bring forth successful citizens of the world. Kristin is a former board member.

Nyumbani Village International, Inc. is a model bio-friendly and self-sustaining community serving orphans and elders who have been left behind by the “lost generation” resulting from the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Kristin is a former board member.

The Madison Symphony Orchestra is a fully orchestrated, professional ensemble comprised of 91 contracted musicians. These artists are the lifeblood of the organization; providing high-quality, impassioned performances. Kristin is a former member, who sat on the Symphony with a Twist Committee.

Leadership Greater Madison (LGM) provides advanced leadership training to help future community leaders become more aware of the issues affecting our area and the opportunities that exist to get involved. The program focuses on helping participants learn how to develop in-depth analysis of, identify resolution management approaches to, and communicate about, critical public issues while placing special emphasis on contemporary issues, challenges, and opportunities, as well as “real world” options and experiences. The hands-on work of the program will focus on specific issues affecting the Dane County area. Participants will serve on an issue team and hone their leadership skills through a series of hands-on exercises related to understanding and analyzing the issue, informing elected officials and opinion leaders about the issue, and collaboratively identifying and advocating possible approaches to the challenges and opportunities identified. Kristin is a former member.