Kristin Graham Noel, Partner

Representative Experience

  • Lead liability trial counsel for telecommunications company in patent litigation against its primary competitor. Obtained judgment of infringement and validity of all 13 asserted claims (across 8 patents), as well as invalidity of all 29 patent claims of competitor’s patent and dismissal of all other counterclaims. After a two-week trial in federal court, the jury awarded client $44.1 Million in past damages.
  • Lead liability trial counsel for telecommunications company in patent litigation against its primary competitors. Obtained judgment of infringement and validity of all 3 asserted patent claims. After an eight day trial in federal court, the jury awarded client its full sought after award of $5.44 Million in past damages. After the district court granted Defendants' JMOL on invalidity, successfully argued to Federal Circuit, which reversed the invalidity order and affirmed the damages award.
  • Lead trial counsel for a pharmaceutical company sued by multiple entities in a patent dispute over the client’s most important drug discovery. After a weeklong arbitration, we obtained a judgment of no liability and invalidating all asserted patent claims. The company subsequently sold for $11 Billion, based on the drug discovery.
  • Lead trial counsel for the world’s leading stem cell company, in a patent dispute with a licensor that claimed that the client’s core technology practiced dozens of its patent claims. After a five-day arbitration hearing, we obtained a judgment that none of the client’s accused processes practices any of the asserted claims.
  • Local counsel for a leading healthcare software company in a trade secret case against an international competitor. After a 10 day trial in federal court, the jury returned a verdict of $940 Million in favor of our client. The court also granted our motion for a permanent injunction.
  • Lead trial counsel for a vaccine manufacturer in a contract dispute. After a weeklong trial in federal court, we obtained a jury verdict of no liability against our client and a $1.9 Million judgment on our client’s counterclaims.
  • Representation of a major technology transfer institution in the enforcement of a patent license agreement with a pharmaceutical company. Obtained a jury verdict in favor of our client. The Court of Appeals not only affirmed judgment in favor of the client but further ordered that a judgment be entered, giving the client title to related intellectual property.
  • Representation of major toy company and its affiliate defending against allegations of false endorsement under the Lanham Act, violation of right of publicity, negligence and negligent supervision. On a motion to dismiss, successfully obtained dismissal with prejudice of the right of publicity and tort claims, as well as the plaintiff's request for cancellation of clients' own trademarks. Subsequently obtained a voluntary dismissal of the remaining Lanham Act claim with prejudice with no compensation paid. 
  • Representation of a major medical device company in patent infringement suit resulting in the plaintiff voluntarily dismissing the complaint with prejudice and no compensation paid.
  • Representation of a software company defending against patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation and various tort claims brought by its main competitor in the Middle District of Tennessee. After successfully obtaining dismissal there, we represented our client in a declaratory judgment action against the same competitor in the Western District of Wisconsin. We obtained settlement involving no payment by our client, full dismissal of the competitor's patent, trade secret and tort claims with prejudice, and free covenants not to sue on all patents that the competitor threatened our client with, as well as several other non-asserted patents.
  • Representation of a leading healthcare software company accused of patent infringement in the Eastern District of Texas. Obtained case dismissal on a motion to dismiss for lack of patentable subject matter under 35 U.S.C. § 101. Ruling affirmed by the Federal Circuit.
  • Representation of a major international seller of wireless computer networking products, against three corporate members of a patent pool, each of which claimed having patents essential to the IEEE 802.11 Standard. The plaintiffs accused hundreds of the defendant’s products of infringement, seeking tens of millions in past damages alone. Obtained summary judgment of non-infringement on all asserted claims.
  • Representation of an international food manufacturer in successfully monetizing a patent portfolio.
  • Representation of a plastic injection mold maker sued by a competitor for patent infringement and violation of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Obtained summary judgment.
  • Representation of an appellee-patent owner before the Federal Circuit, successfully challenging jurisdiction.
  • Representation of a software company in a trade secret misappropriation suit. Obtained a judgment dismissing trade secret claims against the client.
  • Representation of a bicycle designer and distributor in a patent infringement suit. Obtained judgment of non-infringement for client.
  • Representation of a software company in a lawsuit invoking a most-favored-nation provision in a patent license agreement. Obtained a judgment invoking provision in favor of the client and awarding the client its attorneys’ fees.
  • Representation of a plastic injection mold manufacturer in a patent infringement case. Obtained a judgment of infringement for the client against one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of appliances.
  • Representation of an accused patent infringer in a declaratory judgment action asserting invalidity of the software patent at issue. Obtained a settlement of the matter without payment of any compensation, based on prior art found prior to the filing of a declaratory judgment action.
  • Representation of a manufacturer of electric turbine silencer equipment in a trade secret case. Obtained consent judgment in favor of manufacturer barring use by the other party of trade secret information and materials owned by manufacturer.
  • Representation of a technology transfer institution in defense of a suit by the purported inventor. Obtained a summary judgment in favor of client.
  • Representation of various companies threatened with patent infringement by and/or sued by non-practicing entities (“patent trolls”).
  • Representation of technology transfer and research institutions in patent enforcement and licensing programs.
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