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Complex ADA Issues in the Workplace

Webinar Only

Got the ADA basics down and ready to tackle the graduate level course on the complex ADA issues that trip up even the best of HR and legal professionals? Gary Clark and Will Walden will tackle complex ADA issues, such as:

  • Mental illness accommodations in the workplace
  • The intersection between the ADA and workplace violence threats
  • Medical marijuana, opioid and prescription drug use in the workplace
  • Navigating a direct threat to health and safety decision
  • Fitness for duty tests and examinations
  • Managing employees on extended leaves after FMLA has expired
  • Identifying accommodations that previously were per se unreasonable, but now must be considered

Please join Gary and Will as they cover these and other tough ADA issues in the workplace.

Webinar: click here for the video.

Listen: click here for the podcast.

View: click here for the PowerPoint.

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