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Sea Change in Virginia Employment Laws: Be Ready for July 1

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Program Overview:

Recent legislation has signaled a major shift in Virginia’s employment laws, which will lead to an increase in discrimination, whistleblower, and wage theft claims in Virginia’s state courts. In preparation for the upcoming July 1, 2020 effective date, this panel discussed the impacts of these new laws on employers, specifically covering: 

  • Statutory whistleblower claims
  • New protected classes under the Virginia Human Rights Act
  • New private cause of action and expanded damages under the Virginia Human Rights Act
  • A prohibition of non-compete provisions for low-wage earners
  • A private right of action under the Virginia Wage Payment law
  • A statutory claim for misclassification as independent contractors


Hans Riede, Partner, (202) 372-9529, [email protected]

Sarah Belger, Partner, (202) 372-9511, [email protected]

Christian Yingling, Associate, (202) 780-2654, [email protected]

For materials or a recording of the presentation, please contact the presenters.

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