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Lawyer Spotlight: Jasmine Davis

How many states or countries have you lived in?
Just Illinois!

What is your favorite drink?
Grapefruit LaCroix.

What is your favorite month?
October. It's still nice out (for at least part of the month) and it's before things get too crazy for the holidays.

What inspires you?
The lives and actions of present-day strong female role models like Ruth Bader Ginsburg

If you chose a quote to live by, what would it be?
"If you stand for nothing, what'll you fall for?" - Hamilton

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Becoming a mom.

What has been your most embarrassing experience at Q&B?
Filing out this questionnaire!

What experience at Q&B has been the most fun?
I was a summer associate mentor this past summer and getting to know them and attending all sorts of fun Chicago events.

What advice would you give to a law student?
Take an advanced legal research class while in law school. No matter your practice area, your first few years of practice will involve lots of research. If you can do it efficiently (and find the "needle in a haystack" answers), you will quickly become invaluable to senior associates and partners.

What is your greatest professional success?
I was able to successfully cancel a competitor's trademark thorough full proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Our client didn't have a trademark registration, but did have use dating back 70 years. It was an important mark for them, as well as the competitor, and being able to cancel the competitor's registration was a huge victory.

What class should you have taken in law school?
Patent law. As a Trademark, Copyright, and Advertising attorney, I'm part of the IP group. Wish I had a bit more of a patent foundation to understand what my colleagues do!

Who has given you the best advice about practicing law and what was that advice?
Early in my career, a partner I worked with told me to always anticipate a client's needs before they tell you what they need. The most important thing for outside counsel to be is proactive.

What makes you laugh?
I've watched SNL my entire life and even the bad sketches will cause me to crack up.

What is the best thing about Q&B?
By far, my favorite thing about Q&B would be the people. I've never worked with such a welcoming group of people, from staff to attorneys. It makes our jobs so much easier when surrounded by great colleagues.

What do you do for fun?
I have an almost 3 year old daughter, so my spare time is mostly spent at kids' activities, but I love trying new restaurants and reading British murder mysteries.

What is great about working in (your city)?
I grew up around Chicago, so I'm quite partial to it. My favorite things would be (1) the food scene and (2) the variety of different and unique neighborhoods that are in such close proximity to each other.

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