Litigation & Appeals Experience

Civil Litigation & Appeals

Our Energy Lawyers regularly litigate high stakes matters in state and federal courts on behalf of our energy clients. Though we often handle litigated matters from their inception, we are also regularly engaged as “replacement” counsel in energy-related matters as a result of our specific energy-related knowledge and insight. In addition to in-court proceedings, we have broad experience in mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution approaches. To the extent that complex litigation involves energy and non-energy matters, we regularly work in concert with our Q&B colleagues with specialized talent in commercial and constitutional litigation, bankruptcy, labor and employment, and other areas.

We understand that our clients' core business objectives require intense focus and that litigation can often be an unwelcome and unproductive distraction. Thus, we pride ourselves on handling litigated matters in a manner that assertively protects our clients' interests while always exploring the opportunities for practical, efficient solutions. When an aggressive litigation posture is required, we are ready to serve; but we are flexible enough in our approach to quickly pivot toward creative conflict resolution if the opportunity arises.

Regulatory Litigation & Appeals

We also represent clients in a broad range of regulatory litigation and appeals. We act on behalf of utilities, alternative energy suppliers, energy developers, large energy users, transmission companies, electric and natural gas cooperatives, and other energy market participants in licensing proceedings, contested rulemakings, complaint cases, rate cases, and other high-stakes matters before regulatory agencies. In addition to representation of individual clients, we specialize in representation of various coalitions of utilities, private companies, and governmental units with aligned interests in energy matters ranging from two companies to over 70 municipalities.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a level of experience ;not only about the relevant legal framework that applies to any given regulatory matter, but also related developments in the political and business arenas that affect many energy-related matters. We possess a detailed knowledge of the history of deregulation legislation and related administrative developments -- that knowledge informs our strategic advice and case development.

In the course of regulatory litigation, we regularly assist our clients in identifying and retaining appropriate expert consultants and witnesses from across the globe, and we work with those consultants and experts in case development and litigation. We also regularly handle appeals stemming from administrative proceedings.

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