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Alyce C. Katayama quoted in article “Out-of-court malpractice settlements reportable to data bank”

Medical Compliance Review

Following is an excerpt:

The NPDB is used to conduct background checks on physicians and other applicable professionals regarding quality of care (MPCA 1/6/14). Under federal law, a payment made by an insurance company, hospital or other third party on behalf of a health care practitioner in judgment or settlement of a written claim or demand for payment made against the practitioner is reportable to the NPDB, regardless of the standard of care or whether the practitioner is found to be responsible for the injury. No minimum threshold amount exists; all payments get reported.

Adverse actions taken by a state medical or licensing board and adverse privileging actions by a hospital of more than 30 days also are reportable. 

Being reported to the NPDB can have serious repercussions on a physician, including financial losses and damage to reputation. “Everyone is trying to avoid reporting,” notes attorney Alyce Katayama with Quarles & Brady in Milwaukee, Wis.

Originally published in Medical Compliance Review, October 13, 2014

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