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Cheryl Payne featured in “How One Failed Adoption Turned Into Two Successes for These Dads”

Gays with Kids Magazine

Below is an excerpt: 

"After we had the failed placement with Mia, I felt stupid," said Joe. "I didn't think I could put myself out there again like I did. We were very open, and honest with her birth mother, but in the end, it unfortunately wasn't reciprocated. I felt like I couldn't let my guard down like I did again. Our new lawyer, Cheryl Payne, who placed us with Elena really played the dual role of counselor and lawyer. To this day I think she was the only person who really treated us like people, and not a dollar amount or a number. That is what helped me move on. Roberto was very different and matter of fact about everything. He was very much my rock during that hard time."


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