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David Blank quoted in article “DOJ, HHS Announce Largest Health Fraud Takedown Ever, Citing $2B in Losses”

Report on Medicare Compliance

Below is an excerpt:

With a sweep of indictments across the country, federal agents carried out the largest health fraud enforcement action in the history of the nation, charging 601 people, including 76 physicians. The “takedown” was announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, HHS Secretary Alex Azar, HHS Deputy Inspector General for Investigations Gary Cantrell and other law enforcers at a June 28 press conference, and while opioids are the focus, many other fraud charges were filed, including kickbacks. A total of $2 billion in fraudulent billing is alleged.


As for DOJ’s opioid investigations, which are often driven by data analytics, “good and lawful providers have a reason to worry. It’s important for all entities to monitor those data points as well,” Blank says. “While most prescribers do the right thing by their patients and prescribe medically appropriate medication, their prescribing patterns will be analyzed. Having that knowledge is important for the provider community.”


Originally published in Report on Medicare Compliance, July 2, 2018