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David R. Cross quoted in article “Patent Settlement Largest Reported Outcome”

Wisconsin Law Journal

Milwaukee attorney David R. Cross has become a better intellectual property litigator by being a patent holder himself.

A recent client, Metso Minerals Industries Inc., was the beneficiary of that expertise, with Cross leading a team of lawyers that successfully prosecuted a patent infringement and trade secrets case on its behalf.

Just how successful? In June, the Quarles & Brady attorneys secured a $25 million settlement from the defendants (See below).

It was the highest-dollar outcome reported to the Wisconsin Law Journal in 2010 – and it was the largest settlement Cross has ever garnered in his 30-year career litigating intellectual property and technology cases.

Just about every case he handles requires multiple lawyers and involve exhaustive discovery, most often dealing with experts on complex topics from across the globe. All that held true in Metso. Also, like most civil litigation, most of his cases conclude just short of trial, either via dispositive motions or settlement. InMetso, both took place.

Originally published in Wisconsin Law Journal, January 18, 2011