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Edward J. Hannon featured in article “Driven by Curiosity, Tax Lawyer Explores Real Estate Nuances”

Leading Lawyers Magazine - Real Estate Edition

Below is an excerpt: 

It’s hard to overstate the impact Saint Ignatius College Prep had on Edward J. Hannon.

Hannon credits the Jesuit high school in Chicago’s Near West Side neighborhood with molding him into the tax-oriented, real estate attorney he is today.

“I think the Jesuits got me in the mindset to question and then explore where the truth lies. That naturally led to a path toward the law,” Hannon says. “It was just more of the problem-solving skills and intellectual approach that they drove into you at Ignatius.”

Ditto with Hannon’s educational career. In addition to being an attorney, Hannon has worked as an adjunct professor in the DePaul University Graduate School of Business since 1999. Why? Again, the answer can be traced back to St. Ignatius.

“It all goes back to Saint Ignatius,” Hannon says. “The intellectual curiosity, being able to take these tax concepts and to distill it down into these teachable bites for the students to digest and to help them learn these concepts and apply them in a context of a real estate situation.”

The Jesuit high school has made a lasting impact on Hannon, now a partner in the Chicago office of Quarles & Brady LLP. And who would Hannon be had he not attended the high school? Hannon laughs and dismisses the premise altogether.