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Jonodev Chaudhuri featured in “Alabama honors Native American tribes it exiled”

Montgomery Advertiser

Below is an excerpt:

Jonodev Chaudhuri left his seat several times before the ceremony to straighten the Muscogee (Creek) Nation flag, one of 19 flags of Native American tribes displayed behind Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey. And when Ivey signed a document honoring those tribes for their contributions to the state, Chaudhuri held up Muscogee Nation seal — a plow in a field.

That seal is a tribute to the tribe’s culture and history, including a history that was forced upon it, Chaudhuri said. But he stood beside Ivey as a tribal representative Monday and exchanged it for the Alabama state flag because he felt the ceremony was a step forward.

“A lot has happened in the last 200 years,” Chaudhuri said.