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Jonodev Chaudhuri quoted in “Tribes sue over distribution of coronavirus relief funding”

AP News

The U.S. Treasury Department has granted an $8 billion federal relief fund to help Native American tribes stay afloat during these uncertain times of closures involving casinos, tourism and other business operations. However, several Native American tribes sued the federal government seeking to keep the relief fund out of Alaska Native corporations. The tribes have argued that this relief fund has a "limited view of the definition" and that Congress originally intended the money to go to the country's federally recognized tribes.

Below is an excerpt:

"Jonodev Chaudhuri, chairman of the Indian Law and Policy Group at the law firm Quarles and Brady LLP, said the timing is concerning.

“The federal government’s responsibility to consult with tribal nations is based on not only longstanding policies, but it’s also based on important standards of respect,” said Chaudhuri, a former Interior Department official. “Consultation is to be meaningful and timely.”"