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Larry P. Cote quoted in article “The DEA warned NFL doctors about drug laws in 2011. It didn’t go well.”

The Washington Post

Below is an excerpt:

“These doctors are all independently licensed and registered, so they’re the ones with the obligations, not the sports teams,” said Larry Cote, who formerly worked as associate chief counsel for the DEA’s diversion section. “That’s where the DEA and the U.S. Attorney’s Office have problems bridging that gap and holding sports teams liable when it’s really the obligations of the doctors.”

While some doctors might contend any infractions were relatively minor, Cote said that record-keeping violations can sometimes be indicative of larger problems.

“When you’re talking about traveling with the drugs, when you’re talking about administering the drugs in states where most often the doctors aren’t licensed and when you’re talking about trainers having unfettered access to the drugs, that’s where you’re getting into serious violations and potential for diversion misuse,” said Cote, an attorney at Washington-based Quarles & Brady who specializes in compliance and enforcement issues related to the Controlled Substances Act.