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Larry P. Cote quoted in article “This Is U-47700, Once a Lab Experiment, Now a Killer Opioid”

The Wall Street Journal

Below is an excerpt: 

The U.S. government—including Congress and the DEA—has added more than 100 drugs to Schedule I, the category for chemicals the DEA says don’t have a medical purpose and pose a significant abuse risk, since passing the Controlled Substances Act in 1970. This has long been largely reactive, fueled by drug producers intent on evading the law.

“That’s the challenge here for the DEA,” says Larry Cote, a former associate chief counsel in the DEA’s Diversion and Regulatory Litigation Section, who is now a partner with law firm Quarles & Brady LLP. “The bad guys, I hate to say it, are smart. They always seem to be a step ahead of the regulators.”