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Lawrence Falbe featured in article “Fracking Rules to Be Unveiled Friday”

Chicago Tribune

Following is an excerpt:

The IDNR faces a November 15 deadline to finish the rules. A spokesman for the agency didn’t say whether rules had been changed.

“The regulation of fracking in Illinois has been a long and convoluted process, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel,” said Lawrence Falbe, an environmental defense attorney and a partner at the Chicago office of Quarles & Brady LLP.

While Falbe said he hasn’t seen the rules, he said he would be surprised if the committee asks for any major changes. Once the applications start moving forward, he said, “now you can start talking about things like endangered species that are present, extremely important groundwater sources that could be impacted.”

From the time it receives the proposed rules, the committee has 45 days to either approve them, suggest changes, or reject them outright. If the committee does nothing, the rules automatically go into effect.

Originally published in the Chicago Tribune, August 27, 2014