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Lawrence Falbe quoted in article “Frack-IL-licious: Hydraulic Fracking comes to Illinois”

Springfield Business Journal

Following is an excerpt:

Illinois’ new legislation regulating fracking places administration with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR). While the act took effect upon Gov. Quinn’s signature, it will take a year or so before DNR will bring rules and regulations on line. Passing the act through the Illinois General Assembly was contentious and the process to properly regulate fracking in Illinois will no doubt be equally problematic.

In an article that appeared in Law360 written by Lawrence Falbe and Sandford Stein, the authors anticipate a struggle every step of the way for those seeking drilling permits. Successful applicants will need to overcome active, organized opposition and “successful permitting of the first wells under the new framework will depend on the industry’s ability to successfully ‘make its case’ before the Illinois Department of Natural Resources,” wrote Falbe and Stein.