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Lindsay Fiore featured in “10 unacceptable office behaviors you used to get away with”

AZ Big Media

Below is an excerpt:

1. Don’t use pet names
“‘Honey,’ ‘doll,’ ‘copy boy,’ ‘Psycho Steve,’ or ‘the hot blonde in marketing’ are all examples of terms or descriptions that can be offensive and demeaning — not to mention potential bases for a harassment or discrimination claim,” says Lindsay Fiore, partner at Quarles & Brady.


8. Don’t overshare
“Employees should not use work email to forward jokes, memes, photos, etc., around the office,” says Lindsay Fiore, partner at Quarles & Brady. “The content of these emails are often problematic in one way or another, leaving colleagues feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed, or pressured to agree something offensive is ‘funny.’


Here’s what employers should do to make sure their employees aren’t creating legal issues for the company:

Lindsay Fiore, partner at Quarles & Brady: “Training, training, and more training. Have I mentioned training? Employers should have clear written policies that set appropriate expectations for the workplace, including anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies and policies outlining employees’ options for reporting concerns. Going a step further and training staff on how those policies apply practically in the workplace is key. Effective training should explain the relevant policies, offer real-world examples of policy violations, discuss challenging situations and how to respond to those situations, and provide employees with an opportunity to ask questions.”