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Lindsay Fiore quoted in “How Shops Are Rebuilding Trust in HR, Post #MeToo”

FT Specialist

Below is an excerpt:

“They need to be aligned,” says Lindsay Fiore, partner at Quarles & Brady. “For some organizations, it’s a cultural shift, and it can take some time to get that buy-in.”


Quarles & Brady’s Fiore recommends that firms encourage victims of harassment — or witnesses of it — to speak up. Further, firms should require managers to report or address such issues. Failure to do so should result in discipline, possibly including termination, she says.

“A manager who ignores a sexual harassment complaint — that is the equivalent of the company ignoring it from a legal standpoint,” Fiore says.


Perhaps the worst thing that HR can do when it receives a complaint — no matter how seemingly minor — is nothing, says Quarles & Brady’s Fiore.

Originally published in FT Specialist, August 5, 2019