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Luke Cass featured in “The Justice Department Has Argued Sex, Information, And Worthless Stock Were “Things Of Value.” But It Said Trump’s Request For Dirt Wasn’t.”

BuzzFeed News

Below is an excerpt:

Luke Cass, a former federal prosecutor with the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section, said the Justice Department had taken a broad view of “things of value” in other types of criminal cases, such as bribery prosecutions, but it rarely came up in campaign finance cases.

“How do you calculate the value of dirt? It’s challenging. What if it turns out there’s nothing negative about the information provided, then it has no value and is worthless?” Cass said. “You have to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. … I guess the department’s decision was a recognition of that burden with a statute that’s seldom used and not the clearest.”


Cass agreed that prosecutors only had to show that the “thing of value” met the minimum thresholds, as opposed to proving a specific final dollar amount, but that would make it tougher to prove in court, he said.