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Misconceptions dominate the immigration debate

WTN News

Following is an excerpt:

The immigration debate is squarely in front of the nation again, and myriads of opinions are being voiced. If we look closely at many of these opinions, we see they are driven by an almost equal number of misconceptions and confusion about the issues, facts, and terms used in this debate.

A recent article run on WTN by James Carlini highlights this, and also gives us a good example to use to examine one small part of the immigration debate and its determinable parameters, historical facts, and terms. If we understood the details of these complicated issues, we might find that the vast majority of people in the U.S. share the same opinion. Taking on one sliver of the immigration debate, I believe we would all agree that the H-1B specialty worker program is good for the country. 

Originally published in WTN News, May 1, 2007