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Nicole Stanton featured in article “As Phoenix’s first lady, Nicole France Stanton fights bullying in her brother’s memory”

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Below is an excerpt:

“I know that no other first lady of Phoenix has ever turned the position into what I turned it into,” says Stanton, who jokingly laments that “FLOP” lacks the elegance of “FLOTUS.” “We’ve had some great first ladies. Certainly Mayor Gordon’s wife and Mayor Rimsza’s wife before that were great. But I think I was the first one to have my own logo and to be called First Lady of Phoenix in any overt sense.”

Over the past five years, Stanton has used her increased visibility to champion causes such as anti-bullying initiatives, LGBT rights and the empowerment of women. “In Phoenix, it’s a ‘weak mayor’ system, if you will,” she says. “He just has one vote, like every other person on the city council. But he has the bully pulpit, he has a platform, so I wanted to use that platform to do good.”