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Paul L. Langer quoted in article “The Question You Need To Ask Before Jumping Ship”


Below is an excerpt:

Paul L. Langer, Quarles & Brady LLP

"One of the critical questions when staring down a lateral move is the methodology in which billing credit is shared at the potential new firm. The answer impacts not only how the credit will be shared with respect to the portable business the lateral brings with him/her but also how credit is allocated with respect to business developed at the new firm. For example, at some firms, the only metric that counts at compensation time is business origination. At other firms, consideration is given to other factors, including the lawyers primarily responsible for a new matter, those assisting on the matter and those who have helped foster and/or expand the client relationship. Knowing how the 'coin of the potential new law firm realm' is divided before you join can make the difference between a smooth transition and one fraught with discord."