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Paul Valentine Discusses M&A Activity During COVID-19 in “Here’s the Deal”

AZ Business

Paul Valentine spoke to AZ Business about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted mergers and acquisition activity. Read the full article to learn more about how M&A businesses were affected, how assistance from Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) helped organizations overcome obstacles and more.

Below is an excerpt:

Every business felt the impact of COVID-19. Whether the pandemic hurt or helped a business, the entire economic ecosystem felt a seismic shift.

And the mergers and acquisitions space was not spared.

"There are predominantly two different groups of buyers." says Paul Valentine, a partner at Quarles & Brady. "You have your strategic buyers - other companies in the same industry looking to acquire other companies and grow - and then you have the private equity funds. The private equity funds really stopped M&A activity when the pandemic started. The reason for that is lenders became understandably nervous and so funding dried up."


"But as we've gone on, Valentine says, "those lending restrictions have eased substantially and right now, we are right back where we were before the pandemic and interest rates are still really low."