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Quarles & Brady Partner Lori Winkelman Selected As U.S. Court of Appeals Lawyer Representative

PHOENIX, AZ — The national law firm of Quarles & Brady LLP today announced that partner Lori Winkelman has been selected as an Appellate Lawyer Representative in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Winkelman will serve a three-year term, during which she will attend meetings throughout the Circuit and coordinate activities with District Lawyer Representatives. She will also participate in the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, an annual gathering of federal judges, attorneys, agency representatives and court staff.

“I’m honored to be selected for this position,” said Winkelman. "I look forward to working with the Bankruptcy Judges and the District Court Judges in Arizona, and also with the Federal Bar."

Winkelman will continue her position as partner in the Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights Group. With a specialization in bankruptcy law, she represents various parties in Chapter 11 cases and also represented the Roman Catholic Diocese as a debtor’s counsel.

About The U.S. Court Of Appeals
The 94 U.S. judicial districts are organized into 12 regional circuits, each of which has a United States court of appeals. A court of appeals hears appeals from the district courts located within its circuit, as well as appeals from decisions of federal administrative agencies. In addition, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has nationwide jurisdiction to hear appeals in specialized cases, such as those involving patent laws and cases decided by the Court of International Trade and the Court of Federal Claims. More information about the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals can be found at: