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Rachel M. Schafer featured in article “Lawyer Is the First Admitted Under Ariz. Military-Spouse Rule”

Arizona Attorney

Below is an excerpt:

Arizona’s Rule 38(i) changed that landscape. Part of a trend of rules nationwide, it allows admission for certain military spouses already admitted elsewhere.

Until recently, the Rule sat unused. But commercial litigator Rachel Schafer picked it up, applied, and became the state’s first 38(i) admittee.

Schafer was practicing law in Indianapolis when she learned her husband, a pilot, was being transferred to Tucson’s Davis–Monthan Air Force Base.

No surprise, her first thoughts circled around the question, “Am I going to have to take the bar exam?” Fortunately, a fellow Air Force spouse mentioned that some states have developed military-spouse exceptions. Schafer looked on the website of the Military Spouse JD Network ( and was pleased to see that Arizona had adopted the rule—the second state in the nation to do so.
Originally published in Arizona Attorney, May 2015