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Sherina Maye Edwards featured in article “Top Female Executives in Energy Offer Wisdom on the Industry”

Media Planet- Future of Business and Tech

Below is an excerpt:

“The key to a successful career is the skill of building and maintaining a strong professional network. I often say that your network is your ‘net worth,’ and I truly believe this.”

How did you become involved in the energy sector? How would you recommend women break in to the industry in the current moment?

I was appointed to the Illinois Commerce Commission in February of 2013 by then Governor Pat Quinn. I am an attorney by trade and, at that time, I had no exposure to or concept of the vastness of the energy industry and what my role as a regulator would entail. However, as relayed to me by the Governor, I was recommended by someone who witnessed my work ethic and thought I'd be great for the role — and the rest is history.

Originally published in Media Planet- Future of Business and Tech, June 8, 2018

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