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Stephanie J. Quincy quoted in article “EEOC Loses Trial Over Rent-A-Center Firing Of Trans Worker”


Below is an excerpt:

An Illinois federal jury found Friday that Rent-A-Center East Inc. didn’t illegally fire a transgender employee after she told the company she was transitioning, dealing a loss to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and its argument that the termination flouted federal anti-discrimination law.


Andy Trusevich, assistant general counsel for Rent-A-Center, credited the verdict to the work at trial of the company’s lead counsel, Stephanie Quincy of Quarles & Brady LLP, who herself called it "a very satisfying win."

"Rent-A-Center is a very diverse employer and has policies and practices in place that are exactly what the EEOC would want," Quincy said. "It’s a very strange target for the EEOC to have chosen."