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Steven V. Hunter quoted in article “Action Items: Tech Digest”

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Below is an excerpt:

Predictive Analysis and Risk Forecasting

“Litigators are in the business of evaluating and mitigating risk; however, predictive analytics is changing how lawyers assess litigation risks. Lawyers have lagged behind other industries that use predictive analytics to determine whether to make a loan (i.e. credit score) or to admit a student. Litigators answer their clients’ preliminary risk questions based purely on personal anecdotes or the collective experience of lawyers in his/her law firm (e.g., “Has anyone had a case before this judge?”). Predictive analytics, however, uses structured (databases and spreadsheets) and unstructured (emails and word processed documents) data to describe past events, predict future events, and evaluate new ways to operate.”

Originally published in LegalTech News, August 2015