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“Ultratec Wins $44M In IP Suit Over Closed-Captioned Phones”


Below is an excerpt:

A Wisconsin federal jury awarded Ultratec Inc. $44.1 million on Friday after finding that rival Sorenson Communications Inc. infringed Ultratec's patents on closed-captioned technology for telephones used by people with hearing disabilities.

After a seven-day trial, the jury in the Western District of Wisconsin found Thursday that Sorenson infringed six of Ultratec's patents and had failed to prove that those patents, in addition to two others Sorenson had already been found to infringe, were invalid. The jury issued its damages award the following day.

Ultratec and Sorenson make telephones with closed-captioning capabilities. Both Ultratec's CapTel phones and Sorenson's CaptionCall phones convert the words spoken by the caller into text that can be read on a screen by the user of the phone.


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