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Annual Labor & Employment Symposium - Get the Big Picture

Italian Conference Center
 | 07:30 am - 12:00 pm

Festa Room
631 East Chicago Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

7:30 - 8:00 a.m. Registration and Breakfast
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Program

Program Fee = $50.00


Hot Topics Involving Religious Accommodation, Transgender, Grooming & Cultural Clashes

Presented by: Mike Fischer

A devout Christian employee reads a Bible while sitting through your mandatory diversity training. Four female employees complain that they don't want to share a bathroom with a onetime man identifying as a woman. That nice, clean-shaven young man working reception is sporting a nose ring and insisting it's required by his religion. And his co-receptionist has just returned from maternity leave insisting she'll need to leave her station a few times each day to breast pump.

How would you tackle challenges likes these in light of recent legal developments? We'll offer some pointers so that the EEOC doesn't point fingers at you and your workplace.

Quickie Elections and NLRB Developments

Presented by: David Kern and Judi Williams

Over the last 12 months, the National Labor Relations Board has continued to change the landscape regarding the relationship between employers and employees. This session will discuss recent developments, including the quickie election rules, problem areas in handbooks, joint employer status, and witness statements.


Hot Topics Involving Leave Law/FMLA, ADA, etc.

Presented by: Pam Ploor and Lindsey Davis

  • Problems with employer use of email
  • When a vacation with Mom counts as FMLA leave
  • Say what? When employee texts are sufficient notice
  • Medication ≠ continuing regimen of treatment
  • Social media, surveillance, and FMLA leave
  • Rise in association discrimination under the ADA
  • FMLA and same sex spouses
  • Netflix and other companies' changes and new legal mandates re: paid sick leave


Presented by: Grant Sovern and Emily Shircel

  • Status of Immigration Reform
  • What kinds of new work authorization documents might candidates/employees present due to new immigration programs?
  • Should your company use an electronic I-9 system?

OSHA Update: What to Expect from OSHA in 2016

Presented by: Fred Gants and Kerry Mohan

OSHA continues to be increasingly aggressive in issuing citations, assessing six-figure penalties, and imposing new duties on employers. This presentation will address several topics regarding what employers can expect from OSHA in 2016, including: 

  • the recently revised Hazard Communication regulations; 
  • managing OSHA investigations in the face of OSHA's emphasis on criminal penalties and the Severe Violator Program; 
  • OSHA's increased use of the General Duty Clause; 
  • handling whistleblower complaints and potential early settlement; and 
  • OSHA's attempt to expand joint employer liability. 

Background Checks

Watch Your Step! Dos and Don'ts of Background Checks

Presented by: Mike Aldana and Steve Kruzel

The EEOC, Congress, and state legislatures have laid down a minefield of laws and regulations on the use of background checks. Is your company about to step on one? This presentation will help employers walk safely through the field — covering the dos and don'ts of background checks, including a walkthrough of employers' responsibilities under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), various state statutes, and recent EEOC guidance.

Wage and Hour Issues (Including DOL's Proposed FLSA Revisions and Independent Contractor Guidance)

Presented by: Sean Scullen and Chris Nickels

A Sea Change in Wage and Hour Law: What employers need to know about proposed changes by the DOL to the FLSA overtime exemptions, the DOL's new interpretation of who qualifies as an independent contractor, and other recent developments in the complex and intricate world of wage and hour law.

Affordable Care Act

Presented by: Amy Ciepluch and Sarah Fowles

Update on recent developments under the Affordable Care Act, including IRS guidance on the Cadillac tax on high-cost health coverage and reporting requirements. 

Data Privacy & Security: The Top Concerns

Presented by: John Barlament and Alyssa Dowse

Legal concerns about data privacy and security matters have exploded over the past year. In this session, we will discuss the most pressing concerns for organizations, including:

  • employee privacy issues;
  • preparing for and responding to breaches; and
  • other current developments.

Who Should Attend? 

Session is for in-house counsel, human resources professionals, and other interested executives. The cost to attend this seminar is $50.

We will be applying for 4.0 hours of continuing legal education credit in Wisconsin and will provide a form to submit for HRCI credit.


Please contact Sheri Kotas at (414) 277-5402 or sheri.kotas@quarles.com.

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