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Lunch and Learn Seminar: Immigration Law Update/Navigating Background Checks for Employers

Indianapolis Office
 | 11:45 am - 01:00 pm


11:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Lunch (EST)

12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Program (EST)

Immigration Reform: Are You Compliant?

In the news and in your office, the federal government has been busy changing the rules and policies for employers in the area of immigration, I-9, and E-Verify compliance. The Obama administration has pursued a policy shift, from investigating and arresting undocumented employees to auditing, investigating, and sometimes arresting employers who violate the rules; the Immigration Service and Department of Labor are implementing plans to modernize business immigration policies; and the federal government and an increasing number of states are requiring the use of E-Verify to confirm the work authorization of employees in some situations. All this is occurring at a time of steady pressure in the workplace due to globalization and economic conditions. Since all employees must complete the Form I-9, the seminar will be geared toward all employers, not just those who have a large number of foreign nationals working for them. Experienced Quarles & Brady immigration counsel will provide the latest guidance on what you and your human resources staff should know and what your business should do to remain compliant in the area of Immigration, I-9, and E-Verify.

Background Checks: Threading The Needle

The hiring process is becoming increasingly complex. Employers face pressure to ensure that new hires do not pose risks to the workplace and background checks are the new norm.  At the same time, the EEOC is becoming aggressive in attempting to limit the information employers can consider when making hiring decisions. Add to that mix federal and state laws that tightly regulate the process of obtaining background information. Recent litigation has costs some employers millions in class action suits for failing to comply with those requirements. Quarles & Brady attorneys will help your company navigate this minefield and provide practical information and guidance to remain in compliance and avoid costly litigation.

Who Should Attend: This seminar is designed for in-house counsel, human resources professionals, and other interested corporate executives.

We will apply for one hour of continuing legal education credit in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, and Wisconsin. We will issue a Certificate of Attendance to Arizona attendees as the State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Mandatory Continuing Legal  Education requirement.

If you are member of another jurisdiction that does not honor CLE credit from AZ, FL, IL, IN, VA, or WI, we will be happy to provide the materials needed in order for you to apply for CLE credit. Please  contact Donna Key, our CLE coordinator, at donna.key@quarles.com.

Questions? Please contact Sheri Kotas at (414) 277-5402 or sheri.kotas@quarles.com.

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