Navigating Data Out-Licensing

University Research and Technology Transfer Webinar Series
 | 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm Central

With many summer professional development conferences cancelled, Quarles & Brady is pleased to provide a series of complimentary webinars (with CLE) focused on University Research and Tech Transfer topics.

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Increasingly, data generated by universities, medical schools, and hospitals is being recognized as a valuable asset -- especially healthcare and patient data. Correspondingly, it is important that all employees involved in how that data is put to use or commercialized are aware of the need to properly vet the origins, content, and ownership of the data. This can include researchers, inventors, administrators, and tech transfer professionals. Our presenters described some "issue spotting" best practices, then walked through two scenarios that involved the potential commercial use of data generated at a university: the "right path" in which data was collected and vetted appropriately at the outset, and is ready to be utilized (e.g., out-licensed to a startup or commercial partner); and the "right now path" in which a Tech Transfer or Industry Partnership office needs to triage proposed use of a dataset well after it has been collected and a potential commercialization path was in discussion.

For additional information on this topic, please contact the presenters.

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