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Chris Emerson Quoted in “Lawyers Say They’re ‘Ready’ for Data Analytics. But Are Analytics Ready for Them?”

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Law firms are eager to use data analytics as both a litigation and marketing tool, but are the attorneys ready to interpret what the data is telling them? Legaltech News reached out to Chris Emerson, senior director of legal operations and innovation, and other professionals to see how well attorneys are adapting to this evolution in the industry.

Below is an excerpt:

“I have generally found that the legal teams working on these portfolios were receptive to and hungry for the insights legal analytics could provide. So I’d say attorneys are absolutely ready for the insights,” Emerson said.


“We also explain every result and insight fully to ensure understanding and any limitations that we can identify. Once explained, we create specific visualizations that they consume. Our belief is that the best use of lawyer time is in delivering client service, not experimenting with Power BI or Minitab,” he said.


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