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Edward D. Rickert quoted in article "‘Nighthawk’ Radiology Services Expand to Hospital Pharmacies: Could Pathology Laboratories Be Next?"

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Below is an excerpt:

Because digital pathology is growing slowly and has technical hurdles still to overcome, it may take some time before nighthawk telepathology emerges as a trend. However, the demand for telemedicine seems unlikely to recede.

“The business case for telehealth is self-evident,” wrote Edward D. Rickert, a Chicago-based health law attorney, in an Inside Counsel article. “The Affordable Care Act has created millions of new healthcare consumers, and President Obama’s November 2014 Executive Action on Immigration will add to the burdens imposed on some state governments to provide healthcare to a new set of eligible beneficiaries. New and innovative ways to provide quality healthcare cost-effectively to more people is needed, and telehealth has emerged to answer the charge.”


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