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Grant Sovern featured in article "Seeking sanctuary in Madison"

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Madison Magazine

Below is an excerpt:

Do you feel there are more ICE actions being taken now than before?

GS: There is a lot more of this happening. We hear from their families, from schools where kids get picked up or families come home and ICE is waiting for them there. It’s happening at airports where people are turning the screws on people they wouldn’t have before. A lot of people feel like there is nothing we can do right now. But there is something we can do here. And the idea of the “sanctuary movement” is an outgrowth of that because people feel like they want to do something and Madison is a “doing” kind of place. This is the good part about a place like CILC; there is something we can do. If you provide a lawyer to people in deportation proceedings, like we’re doing with Aissa, people will not get deported, and there are facts that show this.


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