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Law360 Article Features New Quarles Program Designed to Enable Success Through Ongoing Feedback

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Too often in the workplace, feedback is something that happens once or twice a year. It’s a check-the-box approach tied into a performance review cycle, and it’s typically only a one-way conversation, manager to employee.

Earlier this year, Quarles & Brady launched a new feedback program called The Loop designed to break that mold. The program, featured in a Law360 article, is intended to make feedback an ongoing, consistent two-way conversation across the firm, for attorneys and business professionals at all levels.

In an excerpt from the article, Joe Wilson, a member of the firm’s executive committee and co-chair of its associate committee, explained what makes The Loop different:

Called The Loop, the program includes a suite of tools like expectation-setting questions and coaching cards featuring conversation prompts, with a goal of bumping up the frequency of performance conversations from high-stakes annual reviews to low-key daily check-ins. 

"The goal of The Loop is to have much more frequent — in fact, daily — conversations about performance," Wilson, who helped lead The Loop's development, said. 


"But, really, this is about recognizing that we hire people into this firm for a reason … because we think they're a good fit, and they can help us deliver better results for our clients," he continued. "We want them to succeed, and The Loop is really designed to help us better ensure that those people have the information and tools that they need to succeed."



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