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It's Better to Give Than to Receive - How Can You Help?


Sue Jahn is a Secretarial Support Services Supervisor in the Milwaukee office.

Many think about giving back to their community but stray away from actually doing so. Reasons could include an overwhelming amount of options, a lack of time, or feeling as if you don’t have enough to give back. But really… it's easy!

As a member of our Quarles Cares committee for the last 10 years, my eyes were opened wider right from the beginning. Yes, I may have been committed to giving back to the community through big fundraising campaigns my whole life, such as the Salvation Army during the holidays, my church, the Cancer Society in remembrance of family members, and through work, United Way and UPAF. However, when I found out that some of the greatest needs were the smallest of gestures, I was taken aback. Such as, one of the greatest needs at our adopted school was underwear and socks? Who knew? It was one of my proudest moments to take our jeans day money and shop for these students. I could spend a mere $5 per child and make a huge difference in their lives.

Then there's the Open Door Café. Established long before I joined Quarles & Brady. Who can honestly say that serving hungry people is not satisfying? Do they know from where, or when, their next meal will be? Maybe they do, but have to choose between groceries, heat or paying bills. Maybe they don’t, as I watch attendees wait for leftovers to take home for another meal. Volunteering makes you feel good. Like, really good! If you don’t believe me, then close your eyes and imagine yourself passing out PB&Js to people with no food. I encourage you and a colleague to sign up to serve our community. Or becoming BFFs with a shelter dog. It’s going to feel good; you better believe it.

If everyone asked, “How can I help?” as opposed to “What can I get?” we would start to see a much different world take shape around us.

Take that first step. Contribute to our school fundraisers. Donate to our food drives. Volunteer to serve when the opportunity arises. Go from receiving to giving this Holiday season. You would be making a difference. By helping others, you could potentially change lives.

On top of doing good, you’ll be an integral part of our Quarles Cares team, thus strengthening our community involvement efforts.

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