Nicholas H. Meza, Associate

Publications & Presentations

Presentation "What Every GC, Board, and Corporation Needs to Know About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Part Two: A Call To Action" Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Webinar N. Cornell Boggs, III, Li Zhu, Marian C. LaLonde, Everett S. Ward, William A. Walden, Nicholas H. Meza
Presentation "Virtual “Mini” Pharmacy Law Symposium" Quarles & Brady Seminar Roger N. Morris, Katea M. Ravega, Edward D. Rickert, Nicholas H. Meza
"Updates in Pharmacy Law" Indian Health Services Southwest Regional Pharmacy Technician Meeting By Roger N. Morris and Nicholas H. Meza
"Hot Topics in Pharmacy Law" Quarles & Brady Pharmacy Law Symposium
Presentation "Specialty Pharmacy and the Law" McKesson Corporation By Roger Morris, Amy Peterson, Simone Colgan Dunlap and Nick Meza
Presentation "Pharmacy 101" McKesson Corporation By Roger Morris, Simone Colgan Dunlap and Nicholas Meza
Presentation Information and Guidance for Young Doctors: Navigating the Medical Landscape in the Early Years of Practice American Osteopathic Colleges of Ophthalmology & Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery 98th Annual Clinical Assembly Co-presented with Roger Morris and Amy Cotton
Presentation Fourth Circuit Finds Compliance with FDA Regulatory Requirement Not a "Prerequisite to Payment" to Establish Element of Falsity under the False Claims Act Rx Ipsa Loquitur, An Official Publication of the American Society for Pharmacy Law Co-authored with Roger Morris
Article A New Approach for Clarity in the Determination of Protected Concerted Activity Online Arizona State Law Journal, vol. 45, p. 329 (2013) Nicholas H. Meza
Article Legal Responses to Communal Rejection in Emergencies, Public Health and the Law Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, vol. 41, p. 529 (2013) Nicholas H. Meza