Nicole A. Bashor, Partner

Publications and Presentations

Presentation "The Pitt LGBTQIA+ Experience: Past, Present, and Future" PITT Alumni Association By Nicole A. Bashor, panelist
Presentation "The Intersection of LGBTQ and the Law" CLE - 2016 Journal of Women, Gender, and the Law Symposium Moderated by Sumi Cho, Associate Dean & Professor of Law, DePaul University College of Law. Speakers include Mario A. Sullivan, Partner, Johnson & Sullivan, Ltd.; Nicole Bashor, Partner, Quarles & Brady; Amy Crawford, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis; Mike Jarecki. Sole Practitioner, Law Office of Michael R. Jarecki
Presentation "Lunch Panel - Non-JD's and Their Role in IP Strategy: How These Players are Impacting the Industry" NJTIP Annual Symposium By Nicole A. Bashor, panelist
Article "Ritche v. Vast, Case Review" Intellectual Property Annual Review (American Bar Association) Nicole A. Bashor
Article "The Cache Cow: Can Caching and Copyright Co-exist?" 6 John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Litigation, vol. 6, p. 101 Nicole A. Bashor